Why Popular People Can Talk To Anyone

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The very best conversationalists I have ever know did not rely on originality to make a great impression when meeting new people. They always had a supply of jokes, interesting stories and anecdotes at the ready when they met someone.

For a long time I resisted this approach. I wanted to be original, interesting and ready to use a new approach when I spoke to people. The problem with that strategy is that you are always under pressure. You have nothing to fall back on and it becomes very difficult to talk to anyone unless they share the exact same interests as you. This is a very stressful way to deal with people.

Thankfully there is no need to make it all so difficult, simply copy the approach of great conversationalists. Use the same interesting topics again and again, tell the same funny jokes again and again, and, tell the same stories in the exact same way.

Bear in mind, you`ll still come across as original and interesting because in the case of new people they`ve never met you before while people who know you haven`t heard all of your new stories yet.

In this way, you could take one interesting story and use it as the basis for a great conversation with as many different people as you like in any day, week or month. And the more times you tell the story the better it gets because you can put more feeling into it and emphasis the key points in the story.

I`ve seen popular, highly successful people do this for years. It becomes like giving a mini performance. Time to pull out that funny story about the vacation in Florida or time to tell the story about how your parents chose this town to live in and the unusual circumstances that brought them here.

You could also use this approach to talk about interesting local news. Let`s say one morning you read about some exciting new plans to develop the waterfront in the city. You could mention that one story to everyone you meet during the day. The other benefit of sticking with one story is that during the day other people you meet will contribute insights and facts so that you eventually end up with a much more interesting story.

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