You Have Permission To Be Yourself

by Peter Murphy

Because I offer email coaching to my customers I notice
certain themes that pop up again and again in the emails I

It is not unusual for me to hear from someone who is
clearly not only intelligent and well educated but also a
genuinely nice person.

Why then does a person like this sometimes have difficulty
speaking up and making good conversation? Why does someone
who has abundant talent and ability fail when it comes to
making a great impression with others?

I believe the answer is simply this — thoughtful people
hesitate much too much and wait for permission to be


You don´t need to live like this any longer unless you
really want to!

I suggest that starting today you decide to allow yourself
to be as you are and let other people get used to that fact.

Be polite and as sociable as you like but do not wait for
permission or approval before expressing your opinions.
Simply find a suitable moment in the conversation and dive

If others do not agree with you then so be it. You are
still entitled to not only have an opinion but to express
it in your own way.

The more you get used to not caring if people like what you
say or agree with you the more freedom you will feel. And
the more freedom you express the more others will tend to
accept both you and your input.

You see, when you apologetically offer an opinion your
non-verbal communication sets you up for criticism. Your
lack of confidence gives the game away.

The secret is to speak up with certainty. Say what you want
with conviction – never ask for or wait for permission to
be yourself and to express yourself. And if you can also
express yourself without needing approval your confidence
will soar.

When you remain emotionally detached from the outcome of
the conversation, making conversation gets very, very easy.
Why? Because all your self-imposed performance anxiety
disappears and you find yourself enjoying the moment.

This is why I like to remind people to drop Conversation
Fear — those anxieties and concerns form the road block on
your journey to better relationships, a better social life
and greater happiness. Once those road blocks are removed
it´s full speed ahead.

Imagine, not having any fear when you want to speak up! How
great would that feel? Why not start today?


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All the very best,

Peter Murphy

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