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From: Peter Murphy, Peak Performance Expert and Author

Dear Friend,

If you want to quickly and easily become more popular, have much more fun and have people eating out of the palm of your hand -  IŽll show you a breakthrough formula that is so new and effective youŽll be astounded by its simplicity. Best of all, it is the little-known secret of what actually works for those happy "life and soul of the party" people.

Let me tell you the unusual background to the discovery of this formula...

For over twenty years I have been fascinated by those lucky souls who have a magic touch when it comes to people skills. You know the type! They always seem to be relaxed and having fun while you nervously wonder who to talk to and what to say.

Much to my dismay, despite studying advanced communication skills for many years I was disappointed to find that I was still lacking that magic touch. I still worried about what people would think of me and I still felt tense and nervous meeting strangers. The truth is I was missing a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Suddenly the unexpected answer came to me.

There is a particular type of fear that can stop you and I from being relaxed, friendly and interesting. Even worse, this fear makes you feel stiff, self-conscious and cautious even when you know exactly what you want to say.

The life and soul of the party does not have this problem. Why is that? Because these happy folks are free of this limiting fear - the fear of rejection. And as soon as you get over the fear of rejection youŽll enjoy the same social success. ItŽs simple cause and effect.

Once I figured out this secret I simply copied what popular people do. I was stunned at how quickly my socializing fears evaporated - it is like flipping a switch. For the first time it was actually fun meeting new people and making small talk. People started to find me more interesting and wanted to get to know me better. The funny thing is how effortless it suddenly was to let my personality shine. It really is that easy once you know how.

You think IŽm exaggerating, donŽt you? The fact is thousands of people every year enjoy great success with my breakthrough strategies - my work is proven and gets results.

Why not join our successful ranks?

Who Else Wants to Discover a Sure-Fire Strategy for Overcoming the Fear of Rejection?

Here is a small sample of the powerful secrets you are moments from discovering:

- Discover how I went from breaking into a cold sweat because of my fear of rejection to having a blast meeting hundreds of people a week. And the exciting implications for you...

- How to use the law of numbers to instantly feel relaxed when you meet people. This is a powerful distinction most people never fully grasp and few act upon

- Discover why making a great first impression is a question of strategy not just personality and how to use this knowledge to transform your quality of life...

- How to feel phenomenal whenever you socialize. Tip - this is such a fool-proof tactic it will work for anyone.

- The little known outlook I used to erase my fear of rejection. Copy my approach and enjoy the same success...

- Revealed... the 60 second rule and how to use it to let go of worrying if people like you. This tip alone is more valuable than most best selling self help books.

- How to avoid the big mistake we all tend to make when we want to be liked and how to take back control quickly and easily...

- The simple yet powerful daily review process that allows you to become the kind of person others are drawn to.

- How to turn worry upside down and grow more confident and charming faster than you ever thought possible.

- Discover the easiest and fastest way to deal with the fear of rejection. This is surprisingly simple and very powerful although few people have ever even heard of it.

- The simple shift in attitude that takes all the pressure off you and lets you enjoy meeting people.

- What rejection really means and how to use this knowledge to your advantage. Once you discover this strategy you will never again look at rejection in the same way.

- How to handle social gatherings so that your success with people is assured before you even speak a word. YouŽll love this one because its so easy.

- My favorite secret for approaching people and how you can use it to make friends and influence people easily and effortlessly.

- How to confidently walk up to anyone and enjoy a positive response. Plus, why I use a triple opener when I meet new people and why you should too.

How to Drop Your Fear of Rejection Right Now...

This special seminar on how to lose the fear of rejection forever is delivered over the internet instantly when you place your order. You will be taken to a private members only page on my site. Simply click and the seminar audio will open on your computer screen.

What do you get?

1.  The Exclusive Mini Seminar - instant MP3 audio download

Listen to 35 action packed minutes as I outline exactly what you need to do to drop rejection forever. This is an instant download audio session.

2.  The Seminar Manual - instant text download

You will receive the complete seminar manual. It`s crammed with practical strategies that work in the real world. There is not one paragraph of fluff in the entire document. Many 200 page books beat around the bush to present a few pages of useful information. I donŽt have time for that. I even paid a professional proofreader to ensure every word is to the point and reads well.

Do bear in mind I am a peak performance expert. I am an authority on the subject with hundreds of hours invested in developing, testing and refining these strategies. You will not find these secrets anywhere else and I will not be releasing these private findings in book form so there is no point in looking for it at your favorite book store. This breakthrough seminar is only available from this site.


Risk Free Guarantee

I am making this really easy for you. Order this breakthrough mini seminar and manual today and test the strategies for up to 90 days. If you are not completely happy email me and IŽll refund every penny. I canŽt be fairer than that.

You have no risk. Your only risk is that you go another week, month or year living with an invisible barrier between you and others because you donŽt know how to drop that irrational fear of rejection.

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Right now is the perfect time to say goodbye to worrying about what people think of you. Imagine how good it will feel quickly moving ahead in your career while making friends with ease and impressing new people with your new warm personality.

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Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy, Peak Performance Expert and Author

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